Sharon made some custom kits for my Uber car. One for the trunk with things like Fix-A-Flat®, first aid kit and extra water plus another easy-to-reach kit for the console with lip chap, pen and paper, eyeglass cloth and hand sanitizer…“The works!” Very handy.
—Alex, Bronx, 2015

I live 3,000 miles from my parents who live in Queens, NY. Sharon de-cluttered my parents’ home (my mother is a candy, cake and snack junkie…she surrounds the house with them!).  What’s more, Sharon helped my mother to maintain a system to keep important papers, mail, and home goods in order: She scanned important documentation and kept me in the loop with time sensitive and confidential matters. She is the sole of discretion, a model of efficiency and very compassionate.  My mom loves when she comes over!
—Amy, San Francisco, CA, 2013

I have an oversized closet in the basement that I used to toss everything including all of collections, files and memorabilia. Sharon organized scrapbooks, had a handyman relocate unused furniture and then completely redesigned my closet into a glamour room (she-shed!).  I love it. And now my husband has more room in the bedroom closet.
—Jennifer, Plainview, 2018

Sharon redesigned my room, putting the finishing touches to give me more elbowroom, make it more sophisticated. She found a realistic way for me to find what I need. She even put my clothes in rainbow order, on the same hangers (facing the same direction), in order of long sleeve to short sleeve. Amazing!
—David, Hicksville, 2014

My house was ravaged by Super Storm Sandy.  As we were finally putting our house back together and receiving company for the first time in years, Sharon came to the rescue!  I had originally wanted her to tidy up the house, but she did so much more. She took everything off the counter and created a whole system in my kitchen so I could get things out of the drawers without jamming them. Sharon even made it easy for me to put a command center in the corner of my kitchen so I could find my keys easily, charge my phone and grab everything I need as I run out the door. It was so intuitive. I want to have her back every month to keep me on track.  Thanks, Sharon!
—Tara, Massapequa, NY, 2016

About 5 years ago, my parents started to age quickly and became chronically ill within a few years of each other.  Sharon used expressive arts to help them cope with the changes, to relate to each other better and to deal with their fading memories. She has such a gentle way about her: Very effective and different. 
—Susan, Bayside, NY, 2018

I have an adult child living at home once again after 10 years of being an empty nester.  Sharon methodically went through the house, photographing, measuring and sizing up the “big picture.”  She helped us compartmentalize the space with separate entrances, for example. Sharon recommended a handyman to do this and offered to be at home to supervise and pay him while my daughter and I were at work.  She also led us to the conclusion that outfitting our refrigerator and cabinets with labels and bins would stop us from arguing over food. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat. 
—Sydney, Levittown, NY, 2015

I am divorced and have a roommate—not something I expected in my 50’s. Sharon has helped us recognize ways for us to be considerate roommates. Now we use a color-coded common calendar mural to share tasks like cleaning. We schedule our social events on here too to avoid bumping into each other when we have guests over. She also changed up how we communicate, helping us keep our own sense of independence while sharing the same house.
—Dennis, Lindenhurst, NY 2010 

Sharon is a whirlwind of energy.  My two boys still live at home and the cabinets are overflowing and chaotic. She revamped the shelving in our shared bathroom and created a logical way to lay out the toiletries according to category by labeled row (first aid, hair products, perfumes and deodorants, etc.).  I don’t get a pit in my stomach anymore from getting ready in the morning.  It really makes sense now. 
—Michelle, Medford, 2015