Liberty, More or Less

Greetings on this brisk evening. Welcome to this evening's CEO post! It's a bittersweet day because I am grateful for my freedom, yet I am somber about those who have sacrificed their lives so I can enjoy that freedom. But what is freedom to one is restriction to others. That is to say, sometimes when presented with too much time on our hands or too many choices, we get sensory overload...too much to think about. This is how life can sometimes get complicated, confusing and yes chaotic. In my expressive arts practice, I often help clientele work through decision making exercises using art making process as a metaphor. Many times, the tradition calls for restricting the amount of colors they can use or limiting the words to the form of a haiku poem. For some, the anxiety heightens because they perceive deprivation...they lack a variety of resources with which to work. For others, the shoulders drop, the jaw loosens, the exhale becomes emphatic and what-to-you-know? The resources given provide a framework: a structure to make decisions on how to create. Green might conjure up nature or activity (think "green means go"). Fat markers and small paper force the artist to be nimble...or choosy! It depends on how you look at it. How does structure play a role in decision making with your household spending? Is there structure? None? Something in between? Does is make you anxious? Calm? Lost? Argumentative or collaborative? Structure allows a start that could be a faster process than if you have infinite options. Less is more. Or is more simply better? Food for thought.